Monthly Archives: January 2017

White Rose Energy: return of UK local government to utilities

White Rose Energy opened to customers in September 2016, described on its website as a not-for-profit gas and electricity provider with a ‘social motive’. Run by Leeds City Council in partnership with Robin Hood Energy,

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Creating Urban Anorak: critical interventions in social and spatial (in)justice

The idea for Urban Anorak arose in late 2015 as a collaborative venture between doctoral students at the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York.  All of us study cities, space or spatial (in)justice in some way and we wanted a way to explore the ideas we were studying and researching with others who are fascinated by the same kinds of issues.

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About Urban Anorak

Urban Anorak is a new platform for critical scholarship in social and spatial (in)justice.

We aim to provide an alternative space for anyone with a penchant for cities, urbanism, and social justice issues to explore critical and politically relevant work across disciplines.

We seek contributions from academic and non-academic writers and researchers that offer critical commentary on any aspect of cities and social justice, but also aim to develop a forum for experimenting with ideas, thrashing out early plans and receiving feedback and debate, or exploring topics in formats not usually permitted in academic journals.

Contact us at if you are interesting in writing for us or getting involved!